Are Tampa Possums Excellent Climbers

Opossums are the only marsupial creature that you will encounter in Canada and US. Due to the lifestyle of the creature, it was able to develop a range of skills that it needs to survive. It can easily scale trees and vertical structures. It has those large ears and pointed nose. The average size of the adult opossum is around the same size of the house cat, but this will not affect their climbing skill.

Your Average Fence Will Not Keep Opossums Away
The Tampa possums live in the den, regardless if they are in the urban or wild setting. Some of the favorite location of their den includes the burrows of other animals, crevices of rocks and hollows of the trees. They will establish their den on tree tops. Therefore, they will need to be an adept climber.

Possums Can’t Jump Well
If you have a wooden or a chain-link fence, you are probably wondering why the opossums keep visiting your property. You have followed the standard height of fence that is meant to deter the infestation of most wildlife species. You have repaired all the holes and sealed the entry points that they can use using sturdy nets, but they keep on getting on your yard.

While possums cannot jump too high, they make up for this with their talent in climbing. The standard type of fence will not be able to put them any challenge. They have long and sharp claws that helps them have a good grip on wooden fence and vertical surfaces. In case you are worried that they will keep on visiting your property, you might place a metal sheet above or at the bottom of the fence. Metal sheets have smooth surfaces that prevents them from gaining traction. The metal feet should be at least 2ft in height.

How to Keep the Opossums Away
If the average type of Florida fence will not keep them away, you should invest on an electric fence. However, this will require proper care and maintenance to guarantee that it will work well. The electric shock that it will release will not kill the creature. It will give them a shock that will startle them. This will be enough to discourage them from your property.

Apart from using electric fence, another possible solution is to place an owl house in your house. The owl will be travelling at daylight and will be guarding your house from the afternoon. An owl in your yard will be bad for the possums but good for the homeowners. However, some owls will be leaving the bird house after the nesting season.

To avoid attracting the attention of the possums, be sure that there is nothing in your yard that will capture their interest. You need to have a good waste management system in place. You should also clear the fallen fruits and harvest the vegetables in advance. Feed your pets indoors to avoid a conflict with the opossums. Usually opossums are gentle creatures and will prefer to stay away from the areas with signs of human activities. However, seeing them in your yard will still be bothersome.

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