Ways to Keep Rodents Out of Florida Garden

While most of you will immediately thought about insects when you heard the word ‘garden pests’, rodents are also considered as nuisance by most gardeners. Tampa gophers, mice, and rats will not only make your yard look unsightly, they will eventually enter your home and create considerable damages. When keeping these critters out of your garden, you will need to identify first the things that are attracting their attention. By eliminating this, you will be discouraging them from establishing their residence in your yard.

Tips to Keep the Rodents Out of Your Garden
You need to pay attention to the early signs of the Tampa rodent infestation to avoid expensive repairs and heavy damages. Since most of the rodents are nocturnal creatures, it will be difficult to have a visual confirmation of their presence. You will have to look at the signs that they will leave behind such as their scat and tracks. This is essential to determine what type of rodent you are dealing with. After you identify the culprit, it is the perfect time to conduct the appropriate action.

Eliminate the Shelter

If you have mice or rats in your garden, you will usually find their nest in the piles of woods and brushes. They will often move in the area where there are tall grasses and shrubs that will help in concealing their presence. Be sure that you will trim the grass regularly. When disposing the trimmed grasses, do not pile it in your garden. Discard them immediately on your garbage bin. If you have wood piles, store them above ground.

Removing the Food Source
While it may be impossible to eliminate the food source of the rodent completely, there are ways on how you can restrict their access from the food source. For instance, you may create your compost piles unattractive to the mice. If you have birdfeeders in your garden that are attracting the rodents, you should try to dismantle them for a couple of weeks. This may be enough to send a message to the rodents that the days of having a free snack is already over. You can also install baffle to prevent them from getting their hands on those tasty treats.

Control the Insect Infestation
The presence of insects in your yard particularly the grubs can capture the interest of the rodents. You may use commercially available treatment to eliminate the grub and discourage the moles, gophers, and rats from staying in your garden. By eliminating these insects, you can also reduce the population of the pests in your garden.

Uphold Sanitation
In case you have recycle bins stored in your garden, make sure that it will remain clean. Eliminate the waste residue outside and wash it at least once per week. Any food particles can serve as a magnet to these rodents. Finally, you may want to install barriers to exclude the rodents. Be sure that your fences will be buried at least 1ft on the ground to prevent these animals from tunneling through.

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