Squirrels Chewing Through Ceiling

Tampa squirrels may look adorable, but once they choose to move into your attic, the damages that you can incur from their presence is far from being adorable. They can cause severe destruction that you will never expect. Getting rid of them once they are already settled in your house can be a frustrating process. The squirrels can cause serious damages using their sharp incisors. They can crack the shells of the tough acorns and chewing through your ceilings will be a piece of cake to them.

What to Do in Case There Is a Squirrel in Your Ceiling

Whether you have a drop ceiling or a ceiling that has no attic gap, the solution in getting rid of the squirrel infestation is just the same. Nonetheless, there are still some considerations that you need to make in order to ensure that the removal process will proceed without any hitch.

Take Note of The Season
In case you are experiencing the infestation on September, it is highly likely that the squirrel has a nest filled with babies. You might need to find the nest and remove the babies physically or you may wait until the babies are fully capable of moving on their own. Since baby squirrels will fully depend on the mother squirrel for their survival, they will eventually die if you separate them from their mother. It will take at least 5 weeks before they can hunt for their own food. Unfortunately, by that time, you may have already incurred a great deal of damage from their infestation.

Determine How They Got Inside
Before you start with the removal process, you need to determine how these pesky critters managed to get inside your house. Start inspecting the exterior part of your house. Take note of all the holes, gaps, cracks that this animal can use as an access point. Seal the holes while leaving the main entry point open. This will make it easier for you to predict the movement of the squirrels.

Set Up a Trap or Exclusion Door
There are various ways on how you can eliminate the Tampa, Florida squirrel infestation in your house. One is with the use of trap. Place a trap on the main entry point. You will have to monitor the trap since you do not want the creature to remain inside the trap for too long. Make sure that there will be an adequate water and food inside the trap to ensure that the squirrel will not die from dehydration or starvation. Trap can be effective if you do not have a full-blown infestation. For a large infestation, exclusion device would be the better solution. Place the exclusion funnel on the main entry point. Once you notice that there are no longer signs of active infestation in your house, then seal the remaining entry point.

It is also important to decontaminate your house after an infestation. Wild animals will be a host to various diseases and it is essential to reduce the probability of disease transmission by cleaning and decontaminating your property.

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